Matt Southern is a songwriter, singer, and studio tinkerer from Raleigh, NC.  From his days with folk/rock band Magpie Feast to his solo work he has always been interested in transforming roots inspirations into something fresh and personal.

Lost Gold is a bass and drum rhythm section featuring Chris Bennett (Ghostt Bllonde, Less Western) and Steven Tietgen (Space Rabbit). They bring a new weight and funkiness to the often acoustic compositions of Southern. Their new album (Matt Southern & Lost Gold) is out on 3/29/2019.


“Your standard Magpie Feast song feels like a dirty southern take on Devendra Banhart.”

-Grant Golden, WKNC, Raleigh

“If you recall Asheville musician Seth Kaufmann and his band, Floating Action, this is in the same laid back rattle-trap country/rock/soul mode.

-Ross Grady, WXDU, Durham