Rattle trap Garage/Country/Folk with traces of African Pop

Matt Southern is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Raleigh, NC. Over the past few years he has worked in close collaboration with Lost Gold, a bass and drum rhythm section featuring Chris Bennett (Ghostt Bllonde, Less Western) and Steven Tietgen (Space Rabbit).


For three days in early March (just before the shutdown), they rented a small house in the woods outside of Pittsboro. In cramped quarters they set up a makeshift studio and recorded the songs they had tirelessly rehearsed and played live over the previous year.

The dusky atmosphere of the living space is apparent in every creak and echo heard. It is a perfect pairing for a record full of songs equal parts hope and weariness.

“No Minor Key” begins with ghostly swells over low rumble drum and bass and tries (unconvincingly?) to assure us that everything is just fine. “First Surrender” looks for peace with Mali meets Laurel Canyon guitars and “Steal My Sunshine” bounce. “If You Know This One” offers itself as a sing-along for the Anthropocene.

These are songs of hope and resiliency in the face of looming darkness. Moncure is a capsule of a time and place that already feels nostalgic. A room full of people breathing and sweating together, trying their best to make a beautiful noise.

Moncure was released 6/5/20.


“Could there be a more fitting name for a Raleigh folk-rock band than Matt Southern & Lost Gold? Even putting aside the “Southern,” “lost gold” sounds torn from a Faulkner simile about the sunset. Even if the name didn’t so strongly suggest the hazy light and melancholy beauty of a Southern summer, the music would definitely get the job done.”

-Noah Rawlings, Indyweek

“…a sound that’s a little bit syncopated, a little bit Vampire Weekend, edged with bluesy rhythms and unvarnished vocals—especially on “Hands,” the album’s second single, which threads koan-like lyrics (“Safest memories are those I lost”) through sunny acoustics.”

-Sarah Edwards, Indyweek

“If you recall Asheville musician Seth Kaufmann and his band, Floating Action, this is in the same laid back rattle-trap country/rock/soul mode.

-Ross Grady, WXDU, Durham