Matt Southern is a songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist from Raleigh, NC.  From his days with folk/rock band Magpie Feast to his solo work he has always been interested in transforming roots inspirations into something fresh and personal.

Lost Gold is a bass and drum rhythm section featuring Chris Bennett (Ghostt Bllonde, Less Western) and Steven Tietgen (Space Rabbit). They bring a new weight and funkiness to the often acoustic compositions of Southern. They are currently recording a follow up to last year’s self titled debut.


“Could there be a more fitting name for a Raleigh folk-rock band than Matt Southern & Lost Gold? Even putting aside the “Southern,” “lost gold” sounds torn from a Faulkner simile about the sunset. Even if the name didn’t so strongly suggest the hazy light and melancholy beauty of a Southern summer, the music would definitely get the job done.”

-Noah Rawlings, Indyweek

“…a sound that’s a little bit syncopated, a little bit Vampire Weekend, edged with bluesy rhythms and unvarnished vocals—especially on “Hands,” the album’s second single, which threads koan-like lyrics (“Safest memories are those I lost”) through sunny acoustics.”

-Sarah Edwards, Indyweek

“Your standard Magpie Feast song feels like a dirty southern take on Devendra Banhart.”

-Grant Golden, WKNC, Raleigh

“If you recall Asheville musician Seth Kaufmann and his band, Floating Action, this is in the same laid back rattle-trap country/rock/soul mode.

-Ross Grady, WXDU, Durham