New Matt Southern release, Ural Mt. Valley, on February 28th via Potluck Foundation

Ural Mt. Valley sees Matt Southern looking for a warm and joyous hum.

This record is a further refinement of what makes his songwriting unique. There are woven layers of acoustics, cinematic swells and playful harmonies. Waves of surreal images often resolve into simple declarations of hope. These elements are not unfamiliar but are sometimes connected in surprising ways.

The opening track, Back into Me, lays hushed incantations onto beds of finger-picked guitars. Older Together is an ode to committed love, framed in cowboy chords and subtle brushes of psychedelia. The centerpiece, Rosa, is song suite in miniature, structurally more akin to the dream logic of a Leonora Carrington story than any Carter Family folk standard. It begins as a sepia toned ballad, slowly builds to a swell of sub harmonic noise, and ends all gentle melody and pastoral sway.

The Ural Mountain valley in bloom” is a good summary of intent for this project. Stumbling onto an unexpected moment of beauty. Finding a brief reprieve in a place that is often cold and unforgiving.