Matt Southern & Lost Gold release self-titled album on March 29th via Potluck Foundation

On March 29th, Matt Southern is set to release the first album with new backing band “Lost Gold”. The trio format adds a new depth and weight to the folk influenced compositions Matt Southern has been exploring in his solo work for the last few years. 

On their self-titled debut, Matt Southern & Lost Gold paint folk songs with a broader palette of colors than is usually associated with the genre. The American primitive fingerpicking of “Gilles Garnier” gives way to the palm-wine-garage-soul of “Hands”. Seven Rungs imagines a rented room designed specifically for the facilitation of a long sought “good cry”. Plastic Bags and If I Go Home are pure folk-pop bliss filtered through cassette haze, mellotron samples, and minimalist loops. The album closer, “Bloodletting”, is a fingerpicked mantra of self-healing supported by bowed guitar swells and simple harmonies.

Most of these songs deal with characters searching for release and the many forms that may take. These are songs of the hunted and the haunted, the seekers and the weepers, and there’s also some 16th century French werewolves. Matt Southern & Lost Gold is an exciting debut that hints at the infinite shades possible with roots inspired music.