Matt Southern & Lost Gold release ‘Moncure’ on June 5th via Potluck Foundation

For three days in March (just before the shutdown), Lost Gold rented a small house in the woods outside of Pittsboro. In cramped quarters they set up a makeshift studio and recorded the songs they had tirelessly rehearsed and played live over the previous year.

Originally formed to flesh out Southern’s exploratory folk compositions, Lost Gold was there at every step of writing and arranging this new record. The result is a tighter, more nuanced effort, that plays to the growing strengths of this ensemble.

“No Minor Key” begins with ghostly swells over low rumble drum and bass and tries (unconvincingly?) to assure us that everything is just fine. “First Surrender” looks for peace with Mali meets Laurel Canyon guitars and “Steal My Sunshine” bounce. “If You Know This One” offers itself as a sing-along for the Anthropocene.

These are songs of hope and resiliency in the face of looming darkness. Moncure is a capsule of a time and place that already feels nostalgic. A room full of people breathing and sweating together, trying their best to make a beautiful noise.