New Matt Southern single, My New Life, out November 13th via Potluck Foundation

After releasing a solo EP (Ural Mt. Valley) a full band LP (Moncure) and an ambient piece (Beginner’s Guide to Summer Naps) Matt Southern has a new single to cap off a productive year.

“My New Life was never meant to leave the bathroom.” 

“For a few years “In the morning of my new life” was just a line that I kept singing because it was relaxing, hopeful and sounded good in the shower. This year has brought no shortage of reasons to seek out relaxation and hope so it felt like a good time to see this one through.”

“For me this song is pure escapist joy, willing happiness into existence when the world seems to conspire against it. There are a lot of textures I have gravitated toward lately in my solo work: shruti box, mellotron flutes, banjo, Motown bass, stacked harmonies and drum machine. I had a lot of fun recording this one and I hope that it brings a little extra joy to someone who might need it.”