Matt Southern & Lost Gold release ‘The Songs of Edward Leary’ on September 3rd via Potluck Foundation

Matt Southern & Lost Gold make folk-tinged garage pop from their home base of Raleigh, NC.

In April of 2021, they rented a cabin on the Jacob Fork River in western North Carolina. They spent 3 days tracking The Songs of Edward Leary, live in a single room. The drums set up next to a wood stove, guitar amps tucked behind couch cushion baffles, all four played together trying to find the perfect feel for these songs. All of that sound bouncing around the same room gives the record a vibrancy that can’t be faked if all the instruments were to be “properly” isolated. The room itself became a tangible collaborator.

The Songs of Edward Leary is a collection of character studies revolving around the eponymous aviarist. He lives in a surreal and gothic near-reality that fiction critics sometimes label magical realism. Similar to the literature in this genre, these songs contain both carefully observed humanity and flourishes of the unreal.

Edward Leary counts a fortune telling pigeon among his rooftop flock. He makes acquaintance with an inebriated Birdlady whom he offers tea, a place to rest and something good to eat. In Comb My Hair, he describes the awkward obligation of engaging in small talk while getting a haircut. He waxes nostalgic for a love that never bloomed in Baltimore. In the title song, he is a misunderstood outcast. The imposing shadow cast by his body is incompatible with his interior world of anxiety and vulnerability.

This is Matt Southern & Lost Gold’s third album in as many years and is their most cohesive and accomplished to date. Southern lists his primary writing influences for this record as: Jason Molina, Neko Case, Ali Farka Toure’s “Red” album, Haruki Murakami, S.E. Rogie, The Handsome Family, Karen Russell, and Found Magazine.

The Songs of Edward Leary is a love letter to the outcasts, an indulgence in myth-making and a celebration of people making joyful noise together in a room.

The band is:

Matt Southern – Guitar, Vocals

Chris Bennett – Bass

Steven Tietgen – Drums

Kevin Murphy – Guitar